April Linkdump

4th May 2024
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Canva’s Affinity acquisition is a non-subscription-based weapon against Adobe

You will know I'm quite the Affinity fan. I was shocked but not the least bit surprised that Canva bought up the Affinity suite. Canva has become a bit of a juggernaut in the low-effort, high-consumption, online content production. It makes sense that Canva add a 'pro' version to their line up. And don't believe anything they say about keeping the perpetual license model.

Lil Jon Total Meditation

Bet you didn't know Lil Jon does guided meditation. Because of course he does. I'm a strong proponent of meditation, I found there to be significant phycological benefits to a few minutes meditation a day. Anything that gets more people into it is a good thing.

You Can Send Fan Mail to the ‘Mona Lisa’

Apparently Mona Lisa accepts mail. Here's the address:

Musée du Louvre, Service des publics

A l’attention de Mona Lisa

75058 Paris Cedex 01, France

How Apple plans to update new iPhones without opening them

An amazing technological feat only a company like Apple could pull off. The speculation is that the Presto toaster oven uses NPC to wake the phone into what is effectively a recovery mode which will take an OS update, possibly over Wi-Fi. Then shut the phone back down.

The Apple Jonathan: A Very 1980s Concept Computer That Never Shipped

A mid-1980s Apple concept for a modular desktop design. The concept was developed by frog design, and I think is pretty cool. Note that a lot of the images on the page are rendered imaginings by Dana Sibera, not photos of the original prototype.

How The Most Expensive Swords In The World Are Made

Veritasium looks at the art of Japanese sword making. What astounds me is the how over the centuries the Japanese were able to define the most performance possible out of the limited iron resources they had at their disposal. Long before science was 'science'. They truly and literally had it down to a fine art.

Add an Inflated Sense of Joy to Your Digs with Home Studyo’s ‘Blow Up’ Collection

To me I find these inflatable pots and jugs to be pretty stupid. But in many ways that's the point. It's ok do stupid things for the fun of it.

Skate Art Merges in SPARK's Editorial Design Showcase

Many of you probably aren't old enough to remember to halcyon days of subculture magazines. This skate magazine from SPARK really hits me in the nostalgia. I wish them success in what has become and extremely niche market.

The Problem with Adam Savage's Favorite Pencil

"Slowly, inch by inch, choice by choice, our stuff gets cheapened". A heartfelt rant from Adam Savage on the slow erosion over time of the quality of goods we buy in order to save costs, and thus increase profit. As this continues to happen, I expect it will begin to open up avenues for small-volume, high-quality goods. I wrote about that here.

You should be amazed

Written 10 years ago, a gentle reminder of the amazing world in which we live. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

General Natural History for all Classes

Or: Allgemeine Naturgeschichte für alle Stände

An amazing book published 1843 full of colour illustrations and lithographs of natural history. Use the sidebar to jump to the illustrated pages. The zoology stuff is especially cool, starts about half way through.

20 Lessons in 20 Years

I use Siteground for my web hosting. Some time ago they sent me this as they celebrated 20 years in the business. It's quite a long read if you so through each of the 20 things, but it's a great insight for anyone running a business.

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