February Linkdump

29th February 2024
3 min read

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The snobification of outdoor sports.

A brilliant, well produced, video essay on branding and the growing snobbery in outdoor sports. And some thoughts on avoiding it. As an avid mountain biker, this hits home for me.

Camp Snap Camera

An interesting take on the digital camera. This one has no screen. The intention is that you take the snaps, but are not then inclined to review them immediately. How many of you a guilty of taking photos and then never looking at them again? Well I guess this device forces you to look at them at least once.

Process X YouTube Channel

This is a goldmine of manufacturing and craft production processes. Mostly in Japan, but many of the processes are similar in other regions.

How To Do Great Work

Full disclosure: I haven't read this one yet - it's long, but wish to share it all the same.

How To Be Lucky

Lucky is a state of mind.

Campagnolo’s tool kit is the stuff of cycling folklore

An amazing overview of a vintage cycling toolkit for bike mechanics. While I have no doubt this would have been extraordinarily expensive back in the day, it's now become the stuff of legend.

Everyone's a sellout now

A pertinent article on creators and platforms. Specifically how the platforms have sucked the value out of creators work and put in in their own pockets - and what creators are trying to do in response. A recommended read.

How Teenage Engineering Makes Cool Stuff!

MKBHD interviews one of the founders of Teenage Engineering. A cool insight into one of the more in-form Industrial Design / tech firms around at the moment.

Short History of Toilet Paper

Ever wondered how toilet paper came to be? Wonder no more. Mind-blowingly, the first commercially available toilet paper also included aloe vera.

New Clues Emerge in Centuries-Old Swedish Shipwreck

A tale of two feet. A ship that sunk on its maiden voyage because one half was built in Swedish feet, and the other half build in Amsterdam feet. 400 years later we're still losing lives and money for lack of a truly universal system of measurement.

How Google is killing independent sites like ours

A fascinating [very] deep dive from the perspective of an independent product review site, currently being crushed by the exploitation of SEO and once-trusted brands by large publishing conglomerates to get you to buy stuff. In short, the last "best of" list you read online is probably one big ad. Not terribly design related, but I hope it gets you to put on your critical thinking hat when you're online.

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