January Linkdump

31st January 2024
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Eko Core 500 by Y Studios

An interesting 'smart' stethoscope. It's one of those solutions that is obvious when you see it, the heart rate data right there at the point of measurement. I'd like to know if and how it displays breathing noises.

The BigBrain Project

A project to create microscopic-resolution 3D models of the human brain. I wish I'd know about this years ago while working on an Alzheimer's project.

Modular Stamp for Creating Calendars

Perhaps one of the most 'Japanese stationary item' of Japanese stationary items I've ever seen. A modular stamp made up of blocks for arranging and stamping little calendars in your Midori notebook.

Tekken 8's Colourblind Mode Causes Headaches

I linked to Mortal Kombat's accessibility features once before. The Tekken devs looks like they've tried to take it once step further with their different modes. It appears at least one of those modes takes it too far.

What Looks Like Grit, Is Often Fit

Some people are just born to do certain things in life. They do things that we would consider hard, but that doesn't mean they're not enjoying their chosen pursuit. What looks like discipline and sacrifice could very well just be passion.

Hackers can infect network-connected wrenches to install ransomware

Now the device really lives up to it's Netrunner name. I'd put money on Bosch Rexroth not putting anywhere near the same level of scrutiny into the cyber security of their wrenches as just about any other device connected to the internet. Because who would want to attack a torque wrench?

The Landlord's Game: Lizzie Magie and Monopoly's Anti-Capitalist Origins

It's interesting to learn that the game Monopoly didn't emerge from a vacuum. Instead, Lizzie Magie patented the original idea in conjunction with an alternate play style where everyone had to profit in order to success. Rather than the profit-at-everyone's-expense game we know now.

Swiss Industrial Design Firm Creates Transforming Train Seating for Bike Storage

Interesting take on designing train seats to be converted into space for bikes and other bulky items. Their rationale for 'hiding' the seat from passengers is a curious one. Any passenger that travels on a train more than once will recognise it immediately. Nevertheless, it's a cool design in an attempt to promote more cycling to and from train stations.

Slow Change Can Be Radical Change

The idea of compound interest applies to more than just finance.

The Haven Tent: An Unusual “Lay-Flat” Hammock Tent

Being summer here, I was recently thinking how much better a hammock must be for sleeping in hot weather. While this wouldn't have the same effect on keeping you cool, it's a very clever tent design nonetheless. I see this as a better option than either a swag or a one-man tent. This is the Kickstarter.

All the garbage I found on Substack in 1 hour

This isn't why I opted for my own WordPress installation over something like Substack, but the loss of control over something you've poured a lot of time into must be heart-breaking. For an author to have to migrate from one platform to another in order to dissociate from what the platform becomes is actually the problem with all online platforms eventually.

Why Industrial Designer Laëtitia Dupé Designed a Tiny House with the Front Door in the Bathroom

A beautiful Japanese-inspired tiny home. Combining the bathroom with the 'mudroom' is such tiny home philosophy.

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