June Linkdump

30th June 2024
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A Remarkable Typeface Resurfaces from the Thames After Being Dumped in the River More Than a Century Ago

This is a fascinating article about the story of Doves Type. A typeface created in in the early 1900s by Doves Press. The typeface was subsequently dumped in the Thames following the closing of Doves Press, and remained there for nearly 100 years. Astonishingly, much of it has been recovered. A great read for typeface nerds. I'm considering buying the recreated font purely for the story alone.

What Does A Great Cup Of Coffee Taste Like?

How do you describe the indescribable? One of my favourite coffee YouTubers James Hoffmann attempts just that in a rather entertaining and unconventional way.

Studio X: The Story of Bill Mitchell's Secret Styling Studio at General Motors

One for those with an interest in car design and its history. A story about visionary car stylist Bill Mitchell and his covert design studio within GM during a time when building, selling, or advertising performance-oriented cars was prohibited (bet you didn't know that was a thing).

Shrink It and Pink It: Gender Bias in Product Design

A deep look into, as the title suggests, gender bias in product design. Particularly looking at the physical risks this can impose on women. There are some interesting points in here, and something to keep in mind as we design for all people within a given population. I do however think the argument is a bit heavy handed. For instance, my wife considers seatbelts a risk not because she's a woman, but because she's short.

Another Graphic

A neat resource for browsing graphic design styles and layouts. Particular focus on typographic treatment.

Top 10 Design Flaws in the Human Body

I assume this is tongue-in-cheek? An entertaining and interesting look at everything that's wrong with the human body. A good one for both designers and anyone with passing knowledge of anatomy.

Designing Tomorrow: The Futurism of Syd Mead

A look at the career of iconic futurist and designer Syd Mead. Every designers wishes they could draw like Syd.

Swiss Design: Iconic & Influential

A fascinating look at the Swiss Design, or International Typographical, style.

As a way of compare and contrast, check out this video but Studio Practice on how he sees grids, and how the intention of a grid is to build the smarts into the grid, rather than just being a grid.

The art of asking the right questions

A couple of week ago I wrote about validating your ideas by asking the right questions to the right people. Here's a video from Big Think on the importance of, and how to, ask the right questions to get the right answers.

John Quincy Adams on Impostor Syndrome and the True Measure of Success

After being elected to President of the American Academy of Arts and Science in 1820, John Quincy Adams writes on feeling utterly unqualified for the position. Imposter Syndrome was alive and well long before we had the reach of the Internet.

How Microsoft's Surface Arc Mouse Does its Bending Trick

I had one of these mice (mouses?) a few years back. Used to love snapping it backwards and forwards. I never pulled it apart to have a look, but now I wish I had. Imagine the increase in COGs just for the mouse to do this bending trick over a rigid mouse chassis. Very clever bit of engineering.

I Redesigned the ENTIRE Spotify UI from Scratch

The Juxtopposed YouTube channel does a thorough (and thoroughly entertaining) redesign of the Spotify UI. For anyone who doesn't do UI and graphic design in their day-to-day design work it's a great insight into some of the design decisions that go into presenting a lot of information in clear and understandable ways.

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