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1st June 2024
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A unique approach to removing phone distractions. This system includes both an app and a physical device that is used as a switch to turn the distractions on and off.

Quit Your Job

A beautifully written essay on why you should quit your job to pursue your true meaning in life. The basis being that by quitting your job, specifically the rigid structure it enforces, enables your creativity and discovery to surface. This resonated a lot with me, and something I didn't really recognise until I'd already taken that leap of faith.

The Pathless Path

This is totally unplanned, but The Pathless Path is a book on the same subject. Quitting your job, facing your financial fears, and challenging what you've been told about how you should work. The ebook is $1.

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

Christopher Schwarz has produced a series of books for the anarchist in all of us. Specifically he has three rather practical volumes for building things yourself. The Anarchist’s Tool Chest. Anarchist’s Design Book. The Anarchist’s Workbench. The ebooks are all free without a catch.

Tactile Controls In A Digital World

An interesting design exercise by Michael DiTullo and Scott Jenson exploring what the Airpods case might look like if it had physical buttons for basic music controls. I'm a massive fan of tactile interfaces, so I applaud the effort. I'm not a big fan of the design they developed though.

Researchers make a plastic that includes bacteria that can digest it

An interesting development in plastics that should prick up the ears (eyes?) of Industrial Designers. Researchers have located a strain of bacteria that effectively digests plastic. The very clever part of it is that the bacterial spores are included in the plastic for injection moulding, then once the plastic ends up in the landfill the spores are activated. Saves the parts being digested before you've finished using it.

Are We Watching The Internet Die?

I've been on a bit of a Edward Zitron kick lately with his essays. They're long, but layout out some very interesting observations from the tech world. In this essay he discusses the creation of content to feed the algorithm and how generative AI will poison it. Not just for social media, but search as well.

Ergonomics Guide For Brake Adjustment

I'm sure this link is probably uninteresting for many of you. Here is a collab between SQlab and Magura. SQlab is known in the bike industry (along with Ergon) for their ergonomics-first saddles, grips, and associated components. From a designer's perspective, it's interesting to see how they illustrate ergonomics in a professional setting. Something not unlike how we do it as part of concept development.


A "Core Message" video by Nathan Lozeron of Productivity Game about how taking your time on things, and allocating specific time for specific creative tasks increases quality of output. This one is definitely worth watching. It might make you rethink how you approach your day.

How Long Should Objects Last?

Another Core77 link. You'll probably see a lot of these over time. This student work poses to the question "how long should things last", by designing three umbrellas in recyclable, repairable, and durable versions. It's an interesting question raised around what sustainability should look like. But I also don't think it needs to be one or the other. It could be all three. full project here.

The Shitthropocene

A film by Patagonia about how much cheap junk we buy and throw away. It's pretty entertaining. Not just because it's funny while making a strong point, but also the comments are calling out Patagonia for the very thing Patagonia is calling out.

The Simple Genius of the Buffalo Bicycle

I never knew the Buffalo Bicycle existed. Seth from Berm Peak does a full walk through of the design and its use case. Truly incredible example of design done right for its users.

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